Recently, I created a watercolor design of new dance music duo Dumblonde. During high school I was originally a fan of Danity Kane, which Aubrey and Shannon, the members, were a part of. It was nice to use subjects that I’ve followed after all of this time that’s passed. Cyborg gave me the idea to use the girls so I have to definitely thank him for that. Before I got into this design, I decided to check out their music and try to get a feel of their sound & energy. I thought it would be a great asset to the design process to me. Looking at their music videos gives me a really free and trippy kind of vibe. I like to be like that sometimes with my art as well as unpredictable so this is right up my alley. I chose to go the watercolor route since doing a subject design to me would feel too much like that of their videos. I knew that this would be a cool idea from the start. Since this would be a two-person watercolor design, I got some inspiration from the design of the Veronicas (Two Become One) to keep the girls in the middle so they could be the main focus of the design. I wanted to go with a cool colors kind of scheme and I’m not sure why, but I think it was an amazing choice to be honest. I was going to be girly and vibrant but I felt like it would be too much. Lastly, what I chose to do was add in the four card suits, ♠♥♣♦. This was a very random move from me. The inspiration came from playing cards. Since the girls have a trippy and colorful vibe to their craft, I feel a lot like playing cards have that same effect. So there, I thought it would be cool to make this design feel like a playing card, which inspired the name, “Wildcard”. After finishing, I was happy with the way the design came out. Not only did it exceed my expectations, but I felt good knowing that I was able to take what I got from this group and create my own perspective on it. I love this design.

Dumblonde, watercolor design, ("Wildcard")