Hey guys. I’m excited to be back and posting today. It’s been quite a month so far, but I’ve been working hard as always with the designs. I’ve actually been also trying to find myself a little bit more artistically and try new things. It’s a challenge but I always love to push myself and expand my horizons. For this design, I decided to think about the things that have made me happy and more confident and a big design that raised my confidence this year was the design of Monami Frost I did back in March of this year. It was called “Frosted Inkwell”, inspired by her last name and tattoos. (From Nova’s Starter Pack) This design means so much to me because of how much I underestimated it. I never really expected this one to do as well as it did and get the feedback that it did. I think something else that really drew me more to it was how soft but hard-hitting and bold it was. Reminds me a lot of myself and the way that I create. I’ve been so inspired that I wanted to create a second design using Monami once again as the subject. My plan for this design was to have it differ from the first design but have that same overall vibe. My inspiration for the designs of Monami have always come from Instagram so I felt like it was important to use a photo from there for reference. I was pretty excited to relive the first experience and really just create an amazing design. I went a little more of a simple route and left a lot of loud elements out. I wanted to capture the beauty of Monami and make her stand out. I got some artistic inspiration from modern art & basic shapes, which is where the royal blue comes in. It’s not always often that I use strong primary colors in artworks, but I really think this was a good choice for me. The hint of pink comes from me being a little indecisive or reference photos. Since I picked one over the other but was moved by both, I decided to incorporate a little of the other into the design. I’ve never done this before so I like the risk I took. I think it works well to my advantage. After finishing the design and seeing the final result, I was pretty stunned. I felt like for something so simple, this edit speaks so much. Cyborg even said to me that it hit him pretty hard. He’s always pretty moved by my work but occasionally he has those pieces that really do something to his mind and it made me feel great knowing this was one of them. This design means a lot to me and just like the first, it managed to do well and get lots of feedback. Probably the most that I’ve ever gotten on a design. A lot of people don’t take Instagram and likes seriously, but when it comes to my art, I’m always super thankful and grateful. This design broke my previous record of 193. It even doubled that. Almost 370 and counting. Feels amazing to see the love received. Even Monami herself saw and showed love so that was great for me. It’s great being able to connect with designs and really have people recognize what you’re trying to do. I had a lot of fun with this one and I’m really proud of myself.