Hey guys. Today’s post has a very fun and mouth-watering theme: Flavors! After creating the artwork for One Direction and connecting so well with them, I decided to put myself on to another music group, Fifth Harmony, consisting of Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah-Jane Hansen, and Camila Cabello. I’ve known of this female group for a while now. I first heard them perform at the VMAs some years back. I haven’t paid them much attention to be honest, but I’ve recently gotten more into their music the last couple of weeks. I love their sound and how talented they are as a group. Some of my favorite songs so far are “Sledgehammer”, “Top Down”, and “Going Nowhere”. It’s refreshing to see a group of girls not only sing but really have a bond. Of course I’ve had to get into YouTube videos like I did of the boys to get an understanding of the girls. I got the idea from a suggestion Cyborg made to use one of them, to create designs of all the girls. I decided to name each design after a flavor. After creating each, I thought about sweets and snacks because the colors from each design are vibrant, fun, and memorable. Almost like a kid in a candy store. The first design I did was of Lauren. She gives me a very dark, fiesty and mature vibe from her style and hair, but she’s sweet and funny which gave me the idea of bubble gum and licorice, giving her the flavor, “Bubblegum Licorice”. I fed off the original photo and created a hot pink background to create a contrast between that and the black. I think it came out amazing. Next, I worked on Ally. The photo I was using for reference was very pure and angelic, but sexy and mature. The main color of this design was white, which gave me the flavor of coconut. Ally is of Hispanic descent which makes me think of caramel and so this flavor became “Caramelized Coconut”. This was the only design of the 5 where I used a duplicate effect. I was unsure if it would work but thank goodness, it did. I went with a grey backdrop to make all of the elements pop, especially Ally herself. The triangles also are a great touch to me as well. Next up was Dinah Jane. I went a little bit of a different route with this one. I’ve never used a linear gradient as a backdrop so I was pretty nervous about this. Feeding off the original photo, I went with a beige and cyan color scheme. I immediately think of vanilla and blueberry, giving Dinah the flavor of “Blueberry Vanilla”. This was a challenging design for me because I didn’t want to do too much or too little. It took me a while to really get into it and design. Maybe I was just thinking about it too much. After letting the nerves go, I just got into it and really tried to tell a story. I even chose to slice up the body a little and make an illusion. I love how simple and hard-to-spot it is. Makes the design more significant to me. After finishing Dinah, I got to Normani. Now is it me or does she resemble Naturi Naughton, of 3LW? Cy thinks so too! Since Normani is the only African-American member of the group, I took advantage of using Chocolate as part of this flavor. She’s beautiful with a dark and smooth complexion, like chocolate. Also, the photo I was using had very festive and busy colors. Altogether, Normani’s flavor became Tropical Chocolate. I got a lot of inspiration from “Exotic Escape” (Zoe Saldana’s design) to create this one. I was working on a white background which gave more opportunity for Normani to stand out. Usually this is very simple, but challenging as well. I went with triangles as a big element in this design as well as the clothing. I feel like I’m staring into a bag of candy or a kaleidoscope looking at everything in this design. Not only did I enjoy designing this, but it made me want to go buy some sweets to grub on. That’s what I call flavorful! Last up was Camila. I just finished this actually a couple of hours ago. I was pretty worried this design wasn’t going to be done. I had so much trouble finding a photo of Camila. Luckily, I was able to eventually so I was relieved. There’s so much gold and royalty going on, not to mention brown. Immediately I think ice cream and simplicity, giving Camila the flavor of “Toasted Almond”. I think that this was the design I gave the most focus to mentally. It took a while to really get into. I got a lot of inspiration from designs I’ve done in the past, as well as Dinah’s. It was so cool for me watching this one come together the way it did. Gold is a color I love working with so that alone was great for me. It always feels good to accomplish something you thought wasn’t possible and I’m glad this design beat the odds. It’s regal, but also tasteful and distinct. I love how all these designs are so different but all have the same kind of vibe. They’re sweet and vibrant, but hard-hitting and tough. I love when I’m able to do that with my art because it shows how capable I am of telling a story and bringing that deeper meaning. In each of the designs there’s a line sequence in corners. I added those in to connect the 5 designs. I thought it would be a great touch. It’s been amazing connecting music to my art. It’s taken me to new heights in my mind and I am so excited to continue on. I’m so glad I got the chance to create these. Not only do I feel good but now, I can use some sweets !

Lauren Jauregui ("Bubblegum Licorice")
Ally Brooke ("Caramelized Coconut")
Dinah-Jane Hansen ("Blueberry Vanilla")
Normani Kordei ("Tropical Chocolate")
Camila Cabello ("Toasted Almond")


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Lauren Jauregui
Ally Brooke
Dinah Jane Hansen
Normani Kordei
Camila Cabello