Good morning ! Know I’m a bit late but I wanted to wish the VVC Blog a happy 3rd Anniversary. Never thought the blog would go this long so I’m thankful for that. Today’s design is of rapper G-Eazy, who as of late, I’ve started to grow fond of. Aside from being handsome and a great dresser, I love his music. There was a little bit of doubt in the beginning when I first thought about creating this design. The first design I created of G-Eazy (Splash of Citrus) had and still has a lot of significance and plays a part in the inspiration of many designs I’ve created. I wasn’t trying to outdo it, but I wanted this new design to show a different kind of vibe. My plan from the start was to create a watercolor and have a feel like that of the MGK experience. Setting everything up took me while because I was indecisive on colors as well as a photo source, but I managed to really get it together and just create something great. One thing that I really enjoyed about this process was how smooth it went. I even bumped some G-Eazy while creating to put me in the zone a little bit. The name of the design, which is called “Sunday Morning”, comes from “Eazy”, or easy. I thought about the song “Easy Like Sunday Morning” and I thought it was perfect. Plus, my Sunday mornings are always very lively and busy and this design represents that vibe so I think that this is perfect. I had a lot of fun creating this design.


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