So, the internet never ceases to amaze me. Last Friday, the third season of the show Orange Is The New Black came out on Netflix and oh my Gosh! It seems like so girls and women that I follow have suddenly “turned Gay” and question their sexuality because of actress/model Ruby Rose, who is newly casted on the show. Now, I haven’t watched the show at all so I’ve been super lost on what’s going on exactly. I’ve seen many pictures and women crush Wednesday posts and there’s no denying that Ruby Rose is beautiful. In fact, all of the hype that I’ve seen has inspired me to create a design of my own of her. I haven’t had the apparent luxury of being a fan girl or having a crush on her, but her whole look had me all the way inspired to make something amazing. Cyborg and I must’ve had this mental connection because not even 24 hours later, he suggested her as a subject for me to use. Interesting how things work. So for this process, it was very smooth sailing and easy. I knew that I wanted to go in a grungy direction and channel my inner “badass” to make this design come to life. A lot of the artistic inspiration came from the design of G-Eazy, from the “Splash of Citrus” post. I wanted to make sure the design was bold and hard-hitting, but still had the touch of softness with lighting. There were some points where I was having a little bit of trouble as far as elements went, but I was able to work it out and put more of the focus onto Ruby and her look. I had a lot of fun with this design. I’m really glad that I was able to take controversy and use it to my positive and creative advantage.