Happy June! After the daily posting challenge I gave myself last month, I decided to take a little time off the blog and try to focus on getting some work done as well as enjoy another year of life. I turned 24 last week and more than anything, I’m thankful to be here. The day was pretty okay, but something I was most excited about was creating my birthday poster. Being honest, I created it around a month or so before hand since the inspiration hit me much sooner than I planned for it too. After creating the poster for my 23rd birthday last year (XXIII), I wanted to make it an annual kind of thing. Almost like a birthday gift to myself. For the concept, I came up with the idea of pure gold. 24K , 24 years, I think it all goes hand and hand. I also switched things up a little and designed a watercolor design of myself from when I was younger. I thought this would be a good way to represent how far I’ve come in my life here on earth. Cyborg told me that nothing could top an idea like this. It was great to have his moral support because it gave me the confidence to finish this design, as well as accepting that I’ve turned 24 and how much of a blessing it is. The amount of love that I got for this one doubles that of what I got for 23 so this truly was an idea that couldn’t be topped. I’ve been trying to think about what I’d create next year for 25. Lol However that’s a good while of time away so, I am trying to enjoy this new year and blessing. I wonder what it has to bring, and what I’ll go through. I’m so glad that I was able to use my talent, express myself, and create something to humble me and make me realize how much life is a gift. Another happy birthday to myself.