I’m a lover of watching funny videos, like vine compilations and things like that. Recently, I’ve gotten into The Dolan twins (Grayson and Ethan Dolan), a couple of popular vine users who are twin brothers. I’ve been watching different compilations as well as YouTube videos on their channel all week. I not only think they’re funny as ever, but I love how close they are and their relationship as well. They remind me a lot of my younger brothers, who were also a set of twins. They unfortunately passed a long time ago, but watching the Dolan twins I can kind of get a taste of how my brothers would be now. I love watching them. There’s no surprise to me that I was inspired creatively by them. I decided to create a watercolor design based on Grayson and Ethan. I was so excited to get into this! Cyborg couldn’t wait either. I just put him onto them and their videos and he loves them just as I do. It was great to put him on because he could understand a little more why I’ve been so into their videos. Anyway, doing this design was pretty fun for me. I actually started off having a tough time with the color choices, but I managed to come to a cool colors kind of scheme and not be super vibrant. I didn’t want to take away from the element of their identical features. This is my second time creating a watercolor with a set of twins so it was nerve wrecking, but not so much at the same time. I’m glad that I was able to create a cool design all off of a fun and simple hobby like laughing at videos. I love when laughter can spark a great design !