Recently, I heard the news about rapper Chinx Drugz being shot and killed. I didn’t really know who he was and never heard his music before, but I was devastated to know someone else in the industry died over violence. It’s like things haven’t changed at all over the last twenty years. Instantly, I thought about the designs that I did of Notorious B.I.G and 2pac. I wanted to pay my respects to Chinx and create a watercolor design. I knew I wanted to create it since I found out about the tragic event, but Cyborg totally gave me the push to do it. I learned from him that the funeral service was just yesterday. I also realized how much credit Cy was giving him, talking about the potential he had as an artist. That inspired the name of this design, “Potential Untouched”. I think it fits so well. Getting into the design wasn’t too difficult of a task for me. I just kind of went with the flow and the design came together very nicely. I was a little unsure about the choice of colors, but after playing around with hues I came to a pretty cool and neutral scheme. I also decided to add in an element: NYC, like I did with the design of Biggie. I follow a lot of people from the Tri-state area, mainly New York and the love and condolences for Chinx was amazing, so this was my way to say how blown away I am at the love for this man. It’s unfortunate to know that another black man in the industry’s life was taken so soon, but I’m glad I had a chance in my own way to pay respects. Also makes me thankful just to be alive and doing what I do as an artist. Rest in peace Chinx.