Hey guys! Today’s post is for the wrestling fans out there. A couple of months back, I created a tribute design of Bret Hart. The idea came from Cyborg, which I expected because Cy is a die-hard wrestling fan. I also used to watch wrestling growing up and watched Bret and his late brother Owen wrestle, back when WWE was called WWF (Guess that makes me old. Lol) I was excited to really get into this design and recreate a part of my childhood. Nostalgia at its best. I didn’t have much of a concept idea. It was pretty much a go with the flow kind of feel. The setup aspect was definitely going to be like that of Prince’s and Selena Quintanilla Perez’s, hands down. I was able to come across older and recent photos. I found one in particular that I wanted to highlight, back when Bret wore a hot pink and black singlet and always had the wet and wavy hair. The scheme of the photo was purple and pink so I wanted to create the scheme around that. As far as a collage goes, I wanted mainly to make sure that everything was blending well and nothing was overpowering anything else. A big thing for me also was to make everything stand out so it all comes at you at once when you look at it. This was a very great way to once again, connect with my childhood as well as create something of one of the many wrestlers I liked. The feedback for this one was great and I’m finally able to showcase it here, which is exciting !