Hey ! Hope everyone has enjoyed their Memorial Day today. I’m glad that I took the day today to get some designing done. Today’s design is of singer Justine Skye. Though I did a design of Justine around the beginning of the year (SKYEborg), I decided to create this one anyway. I got the inspiration to use Justine just from browsing around on my Instagram. I was so inspired just by some of the photos I saw on her profile and was automatically inspired to work. Because I found many similar ones and they were all breathtaking to me, I chose to make this a multi-photo design. I had the idea to create a setup like that of Sophia Bush’s and Marlon Texeira’s designs from last year. I was excited for this since I haven’t done it in a while. I went with a little of a lavender and grey color theme to bring out Justine’s hair. Something I also did was add in a unicorn. People call Justine the “purple unicorn” so I thought that would be pretty cool to add in as well as a zebra just for placement. It plays well with everything going on. I see so many differences between this design and the previous, not just concept wise but Justine wise. It almost looks like two completely different people. It’s interesting because when I showed the design to Cyborg he couldn’t figure out who it was until I told him. This was a fun design and just really awesome to create.