Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday. Today’s design is a cartoon character of myself. I’m very excited to showcase this edit, FINALLY!. I created this I’ll say around a month or two ago. Somehow it never made it’s way to the blog. When it comes to cartoons, I don’t really create them the way that I used to. They take so much time and a lot of detail and the mindset to do them is actually very demanding to me. So now, this has really become a “once in a blue moon” kind of technique for me. Luckily with time, each cartoon I create is much better than the last. Before this design, I last did one of Cyborg (The Cartoon Known as Cyborg) which was sometime last year, so I definitely spend a while at a time taking a break. I was super excited to get into this though. I think the last time I did a cartoon of myself was 2013 or so. I was inspired to do a cartoon when I saw an older and one of the first ones of Cyborg on the Timehop app. He gave me the push to do a new one and that I did. With his input, I went with a recent photo I took and just got right into it. The hardest part for me was the hair. Trying to get the distinction and detail of the waves and curls was pretty tough but after knocking it out, everything else just fell right into place. It took a while to finish, but it came out super amazing. I finished up by adding a frame around myself and a nice background to really make the cartoon pop. This is such a fun design and I’m very glad I chose to do it. The feedback was amazing and it’s great to realize that I never lost it.