Today’s featured artwork on the blog is a subject design of actress, Zoe Saldana. This was a very last minute design. I was getting some other things done yesterday and started to get a little tapped out, but I was telling myself to create something. I had some creative inspiration inside of me and I wanted to really channel it. The idea to use Zoe came from a list Cyborg gave me a week or so back. Coincidentally, it was the same list that inspired the designs of Zendaya (Zen 3.0) and Pia Mia (Black Widow). I feel like this was going to be a more rushed design, but as I got into it, I started to become more comfortable with it. I’ve used Zoe once before as a subject (The Saldana Sahara), but this process was very different. I’ll say easier. I was using more of an older photo but I really wanted to bring it to life. Since I was working on a white background that gave me a chance to really go crazy with the artwork and make it pop. The two main colors, red and blue gave me a vibe of Dominican Republic and the exotic and island life. I wanted to really feed off of that and have it connect. What made that work was Zoe being of Dominican descent. I feel like I’m looking at a poster on a vacation if I was to go there for a visit. I love the sense of heritage in this design as well as the elements added in. I had fun creating this one. I think I did an amazing job for it not being something I initially planned to do. Another job well done.