Good evening. Hope everyone has enjoyed their Wednesday! For today’s post, I’ve decided to showcase an older design, well a month or so old if you want to be exact. Cyborg suggested for me to do a design of Sarah Wayne Callies, an actress from the show The Walking Dead as well as Prison Break. I had and still really have no idea who she is, but one thing I will say is her resemblance to an older subject I’ve done, Audrey Hepburn, is pretty remarkable to me. About a year back when I first got into watercolors, Audrey was the pilot subject. (Check out the designs of Audrey here) I did many different ones because I was so excited about how well they came out. When I was working on this design of Sarah, I got so much Audrey tease. The photo I used for the reference was so identical to the some of Audrey’s and boy was I blown away. I thought about vintage, the connection between all of the colors together, as well as the softness of the designs, both Sarah’s and Audrey’s. It’s crazy because never did I think I would be paying homage to a design that I did just over a year back. I think that its amazing when my art inspires more art to be created. It’s amazing to see different designs that I do have so many similarities. I had so much fun creating this one. It’s a shame that I haven’t showcased it much sooner, but like I always say, the timing might be late, but the art is always great !