After creating the design of Pinocchio, I did a second Disney watercolor of Darkwing Duck. I was first introduced to DW late last year, going into this year by Cyborg. Darkwing had a series in the 90s era and I had never seen it. Not even once. After watching the entire season that he gave me, I now had a love for him and I still do. At the time, I wasn’t really working on Disney watercolors so it never really crossed my mind to use him as a subject. However, when Cy gave me the list that includes Pinocchio, Darkwing’s name was on it, so I chose to finally create this design. I was super excited to get into it. I grabbed a photo of Darkwing to use for color references for different parts of DW. This wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, but it was very time consuming. I think the hardest part to execute was the cape because the purple shades were close to what the jacket shades were and trying to make them differentiate was a challenge. I was able to get it done though, so I was very glad about that. One thing really boosted my confidence in this design and that was Cy’s reaction. You’ve probably guessed correctly by now that Cyborg is a big Disney lover. He grew up watching Darkwing Duck so his reaction was very important to me. He was so blown away that it almost made him emotional. That easily let me know not just how well of a job I did, but how much my work affected someone positively. I’m very glad that I got the chance to do this design and so glad I was able to make it count to someone important to me.