I just got the news a few days ago that B.B King passed away. Blues was never a genre that I’ve listened to very much, but I had knowledge of King and his music. I knew him best from being on The Cosby Show and a movie I was always watching, Blues Brothers 2000. I was always singing along to the song, “How Blue Can You Get”. I still sing it whenever I see the movie. I was inspired to create today’s design mainly from Kings passing, but my nostalgia also plays a part. A part of me is bummed to know another great is gone, but it’s also always great to create around something I grew up on. I decided to go with a watercolor technique. I thought it would be best. I was torn between going for an older or a more recent photo, but went with an older. This was definitely a cool process creating this design. Blue was a color that I wanted to use, to represents Blues music. Everything else I added in was pretty random, but I love how well it worked out. I also really wanted to add in Gold, but it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to look. This is a more emotional design for me and I’m so glad that I got the chance to work on it. Not only was it great to pay homage to a great like B.B King, but it was also great to think about the movie and just his legacy overall. Rest in Peace B.B. King.