Good evening. Hope everyone has had a great Sunday. For today’s post, I’m showcasing a watercolor design of actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen, best known as Kelly Kapowski, from Saved By The Bell. The idea for using Tiffani came from a list that Cyborg had given me this week. It was actually the same list that Megan Fox was on which inspired the Fox In The Clouds design. Tiffani wasn’t on the list but a lot of fellow actors from Saved By The Bell were. She was on a list before but I never got the chance to do a design of her. Even though she became a spontaneous choice, I was excited to finally work on a design. I knew off rip that I wanted to make this a watercolor design, to give that nostalgic feeling to the design. I was actually luckier finding older photos rather than recent so everything fell into place the way I wanted it too. I was super unsure about a color scheme, but I knew I wanted to keep it bright and girly. It was pretty easy creating this design to my surprise. I think my favorite part is how old school it looks. It can totally be the poster in a teenage boy’s room or even a girl’s room. Almost like a dream come true for all of the people who loved Kelly Kapowski. I added in an ellipse like that of the Ariana Grande and Adrian Marcel designs, just to give it a little kick. This was a great design to do and I’m very glad that I got the chance to finally execute the idea.