Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Today’s post is a watercolor design of singer/actress, Zendaya Coleman. Having done a couple of subject designs previously of Zendaya (Zendaya 2.0, The Silver and Royal Blues), I wanted to try something new and create a watercolor. At first I wanted to follow suit and create a third subject design, but while looking for photo inspiration, I came across a beautiful photo of Zendaya. I thought it would be the perfect one to try out for a watercolor piece so I ended up stick with the idea. While working on the design and adding in color, I was super indecisive on what kind of color scheme to go with. My original idea was a Sea Green, Pink, Blue, and Brown kind of scheme. Then I, being a girl who loves looking at different options, starting playing around with hues and saturations, couldn’t decide what scheme would look the best. It ultimately came down to using something I’ve never used before, so I went with a little more or a darker scheme. To me, the design looks very mature, sophisticated, and simple. I see the transition from the first design to this one now. I had a lot of fun creating this one and I’m glad that I got another chance to do a great design of Zendaya. Starting to become one of my favorite subjects to work with. Another job well done !