I’m so excited to showcase today’s design. Yesterday, I created a design of singer-songwriter/model, Pia Mia. Pia was suggested to me by Cyborg. I didn’t really know who she was so I had to do a little research. I also took it upon myself to listen to some of her music. I was blown away by her talent and her voice. I even downloaded some of the stuff I heard. That’s how interested I was. A few of my favorites are, “F*ck Wit U”, “Red Love, and “Mr. President”. I was actually jamming while creating the design, which is always fun for me. Looking for a photo to use went really well. I easily came across two that caught my eye, but I connected perfectly with one. I had some trouble in the beginning trying to get it set up the way I wanted it, but eventually it came together. From the vibe of the photo, I went with a dark and powerful kind of concept with this. Black everywhere, gray and white to accent that, it absolutely looks amazing to me. It took me a while to decide on the elements to use because I didn’t want to take away from Pia. I knew triangles would be great for this and they blended so well with Pia as well as the overall composition. I think a lot about Frosted Inkwell and The Upgrade look at this design again. It’s hard and edgy, but also very sexy and enticing. So glad that I got the chance to not only create an amazing design once again, but that I got introduced to some new music. You can never go wrong with that.