Sounds like I’m about to drop the realest passage of my life with that title. Lol good afternoon guys. Today’s design is of singer, Tynisha Kell. The idea to use Tynisha did come from Cyborg, however, I’ve been wanting to use her as a subject for a very long time now. I absolutely love her voice and her music is amazing as well. Starting off, it was pretty frustrating and tough trying to find a good photo reference to use. She’s one of the hardest subjects to find photos of. I was able to come across a whole bunch, but one in particular stood out to me. At first, I was unsure that it would work with what I was trying to create, but I decided to change my idea. I went with a watercolor design idea. Wasn’t too sure this would work, but I wanted to give it a try anyway. To my surprise, the process was smooth sailing. All around actually. Color choices came pretty naturally. Inspired by TK’s voice, I went with some light colors to compliment her. I think about paradise when I look at them bounce off the watercolor texture. I’m such a fan of the face as well because it brings that intensity to the artwork. It took me quite a while to really come up with a name to best represent this. I went with the title of this post. The inspiration comes from the feel of her music as well as the color scheme. It takes you away on a little escape and she gives so much passion through her music. I’m so glad that Cy put the battery in my back to create this design and use TK as the subject. It’s been a few weeks, but still to this day, I love the way I connect to this. Definitely another favorite for me.