A little over a year ago, my closest friend and recording artist, Cyborg released his project, All My Tomorrows: Tantor. The Anniversary date (April 24th) passed not too long ago and he created a special project in celebration of that. Almost like a deluxe version, with unreleased tracks that didn’t make it to the original project. I was asked to create the artwork for the anniversary project and I couldn’t have been more excited than I was. I knew that I wanted the art to connect to the original. Cyborg came up with a great concept to use a baby elephant holding a balloon. It was very hard at first to find such a good photo for reference. I ended up taking matters into my own hands and grabbed separate photos of elephants, and balloons and put my own spin on them. I was able to find the original Tantor backdrop as well for this project. Working on this design definitely brought me back to when I was working on the Tantor cover. It was tough and very demanding on my mind, but I got the job done. For this process, I was really focused on trying to figure out how to make it really connect. With that being said, I added in the original artwork inside of the balloon that the elephant was holding up, almost like an ode to Tantor. After doing that, it seems like everything started to fall into place. I added in some crazy colors as well to bring out the celebration factor of this project. My favorite part of the design process was creating the new tracklist. Unlike the Tantor cover, I had a file of the original tracklist and decided to just work off that backdrop. I added in the colors I had put onto the anniversary cover, changed the font, colors, and tracks and boom! I was finished with that. I originally wasn’t going to do a tracklist cover, but I’m glad that I did. To me, it’s a big standout when it comes to this project. After finishing, I got to hear the tracks. Something I always want to do is hear the music to make sure what I’ve created matches and represents it well. I’m so glad it all meshes well. I had a whole lot of fun being able to recreate not only great album designs of mine, but to visually revamp for an amazing project like that of Tantor. I am so proud of my guy Cy and all that he has done. Being able to be a part of the process has not only allowed me to see how great of a project this is, but it’s helped me to understand Cy more as an individual, and I feel close to him every time that I hear the music. I know you guys will enjoy this project as much as I have. It hits a little bit of every subject: struggles, life, faith, love, family, dreams. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’ve linked both Tantor and the Anniversary Edition below, so support Cyborg and check out all of the great music on soundcloud.

Tantor: Anniversary Edition

All My Tomorrows: Tantor

Tantor: The Anniversary Edition (front cover)
Tantor: The Anniversary Edition (tracklist cover)