Today’s design has some past time inspiration and I couldn’t be more excited. If you’re an 80s or 90s baby, you might remember a big movie trilogy called The Karate Kid. I’ve seen the remake with Hilary Swank, and one of the original movies once or twice in all. I got the idea to base this design around the movie from the subject choice, Ralph Macchio, suggested to me by Cyborg. Ralph actually plays the lead in the movie. The idea I wanted to go with at first was a design inspired by The Outsiders movie, based on one of my favorite books. However, I connected with The Karate Kid much more. I knew for sure I wanted to create a watercolor design since the movie brings a sense of nostalgia, and to me, I thought it would capture Ralph much better. I was able to find a great photo reference to capture what kind of significance Ralph’s role had. He was the underdog, having been beat up and hurt along the way but he remains strong and ends up coming out on top. I definitely can relate, being an underdog myself and never giving up, no matter what has happened. I went with a very bold and oriental kind of color scheme. I knew I wanted to involve red to represent blood. Every other color was a random choice, but all of them together made for an amazing vision. I also added in some prints to overlay. It represents the character Mr. Miyagi, a major role played by Pat Morita (Rest in peace). I really felt a lot as I was creating this design. It took quite a while to finally finish, but I’m so happy with the final result. I’m really excited to continue stepping back into time and recreating my childhood and what I grew up on through my art. Never been so blessed to have this talent, as well as a great hand from Cyborg.