Happy Mother’s day from the VVC Blog. I hope everyone who’s done the job and played the role as a mom has had a great day. For today’s post, I created a design last week of Pop/Rock star duo, The Veronicas. I listen to “Untouched” probably all of the time so I was excited to create with subjects that I know. Once again, the idea for the Veronicas came from Cyborg. I was surprised because I didn’t think Cy even liked them. Then again let me take that back because Cy is just like me, a lover of many different genres of music. Anyway, I was also excited because I’ve never done a design revolving around a set of twins, which the Veronicas are: Jessica and Lisa Marie. I knew this would definitely be an adventure and I wasted no time getting into looking for a photo reference. If I had to take a quiz to see which girl is which, I’d fail. Lol That’s how identical they are. It was fine though because I wasn’t planning to try to create artwork to highlight who was who. My idea was really to make the two become one in a special way. Immediately, I chose to go with a watercolor. I thought this would make a better design choice. The photo I decided to go with was something very simple but a way to give the girls a little bit of individuality. They were kind of dressed the same, but the shirt designs differed. I’m not sure how the color idea came to mind, because all I thought about was girl power. I instantly thought about the Lisa Frank merchandise for school supplies back when I was in elementary school. I went with some purples, some blues, a little bit of yellows, you know the girly shades. The design turned out amazing. I was glad to see that a set of twins could make an amazing design. I would love to explore this idea much more in the future. I ant wait to see what else I can make and how much more I can make two become one.