Strong subject just from the title today. Well, this is how I’m feeling when it comes to today’s design. I created a watercolor last week of rapper Vic Mensa. I haven’t heard much of his music as of late, but I’ve seen him around on MTV2 or a couple of live performances on tv. After I first saw Vic, which was a few months back on Nick Cannon’s Wild’n Out, I had some ideas to use him as a subject for a future design, but never fully stuck to the idea. However, I guess some ideas have a way of creeping back up because Cyborg suggested Vic Mensa on one of the lists that he gave me. I figured this was a sign, and decided to give it a chance. Thank goodness my momentum was high after doing the designs of Amber Riley, and a few others. Getting into it was challenging. I was in between different photos when it came to what to use for the reference photo. I was able to come across one that really blended in well and stood out. My initial idea for a color scheme was a little more vibrant with reds and oranges, but I was messing around with hues and saturations and came to this ocean blue scheme and fell completely in love. I called this design “Victory” not just to connect with Vic’s name, but to show how much of a plus it was to be able to bring an idea I didn’t pay enough attention to in the beginning, come to life. No regrets when it comes to creating this one, and that alone is a win.