I’m a lover of older movies, whether there would be a serious message behind them, a comedy vibe, or even love, they’re so amazing to me. One of my favorite movies of all time is Dirty Dancing. I didn’t watch it a whole lot growing up. I got more into it when I was a teenager going into adulthood. I created a watercolor a few weeks ago inspired by the movie. The original plan for this design was to just create something of Patrick Swayze. Cyborg suggested the idea of Patrick to me. We’ve been talking a lot about me seeing the movie Ghost, which I’ve never seen, and I took the idea and flipped it to the movie where I admire him the most, thus Dirty Dancing as the inspiration was born. I knew for sure I wanted to do a watercolor design of “Johnny” and “Baby”, the two main characters and love story of this movie. Since the chemistry was crazy and sensual, I knew it would be a challenge finding the right photo to use for reference, but I went with a candid from one of my favorite scenes and just went to work. The color scheme idea actually came from the movie. I wanted Pink added in there no matter what. Everything else was a random decision, but looking at the design all together, I’m very pleased with how soft and sensual it came out. I haven’t seen the movie in a long time, but I’m glad I was able to create something to refresh my memory and bring it to life again.