A couple of weeks ago, I created a watercolor design of actress, Sharon Tate. The idea for using Sharon was Cyborg‘s. Not really knowing who she was, I decided to do my research before attempting a hunt for a great photo reference. Oh my gosh. I was so blow away and very shook up by the backstory. I found out that Sharon was one of the victims in the Manson murders (Helter Skelter). It was educational to find out about this, especially because I thought the murders took place decades later. Either way, it was pretty tragic and sad to read about. The story definitely inspired me to create something very memorable and detailed. I was able to find a great photo. It was Sharon kind of topless in this very extravagant wardrobe. I got a lot of geisha tease from this, but I think it’s a beautiful picture. As said before, I chose to make this a watercolor to capture that vintage feel. The color scheme was definitely a hard part for me. I didn’t have a set plan on colors and was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to find something that spoke to me. Luckily, I proved myself wrong and got the job done. I’ve glanced at this design many times since creating it and every time I look at it, I think about what life would be like for Sharon now if that tragic event never happened. The design also reminds me to not take anything for granted, because you never really know when your time will come. It’s like everything happens for a reason and I really believe there was an inevitable tie between me and this design. So glad I got to create something beautiful and learn about something important at the same time. Cy is so slick. Lol