One of my favorite movies I watched growing up was Purple Rain. Cyborg gave me the DVD some months back, and though I don’t watch the movie all that often, I always get inspired whenever I do. This week, Cy gave me the idea through a list of ideas for new subject and I saw Apollonia Kotero’s name on there. Apollonia, being one of the main characters in Purple Rain, I instantly got excited. Now, I’ve used Apollonia as a subject before so I knew what I was getting myself into with using her again, but I knew this time around that it would be a completely different experience. Having more knowledge and knowing more things artistically, I had no doubt in my mind that this would potentially be an amazing design. I chose to go the watercolor route, since the first time around was a candy enhancement (past time subject design). I was able to find a great photo for reference. Though Apollonia looks amazing now, you know I had to go for a vintage style photo from the 80s era when the movie came out. Since the movie was the inspiration, I had to do that. Choosing a color scheme was probably the hardest part of this design. I was trying to go for something girly, but very racy at the same time. Red to me was a great way to represent the sexy and sultry vibe of Apollonia. The Purple comes from the movie title and the Blue? well maybe that was just the spontaneous choice. I do think the colors look amazing together though, especially with the portrait setup of this design. I’m very happy about this design. The process was pretty fun and nostalgic for me. Also, Cy is so in love with it, which is a plus for me. Think I might want to watch Purple Rain now. Can’t say I’m surprised. Lol