I’ve been on this kick lately between subject designs and watercolors. I’m happy about the groove it’s been getting me into. After creating the design of SZA last week, I was excited to get into this next design, with singer, Kimbra, as the subject. I had my reference photo in my desktop for sometime and knew I wanted to work with it, I guess I just never got around to it. Finally though, I did. So my original idea for this was a subject design, but something told me to try a watercolor format. Needless to say I was feeling where it was starting to go for just starting out. I decided to go with a very oriental, porcelain kind of theme with the color scheme. I think about fine china when I look at it again. It’s like a plate you’d want to put into your cupboard with your nice dishes. At least that’s a vision I get. Anyway, after adding in the color element, I wanted to put some Chinese prints over it since it went well with the vision I had already created in my mind. Though I created this design last week, it still feel so fresh to me. Cyborg is a huge lover of this one as well, which makes me realize how amazing it came out. I love when my work touches someone. I mean Cy is impressed a lot but he has moments where a design just catches all of his attention. This is a favorite of mine for sure and I’m glad that I got to channel foreign culture through such a simple design.