For the past couple of days, I’ve been putting myself on to a new artist, well new to my library, named SZA. I love her sounds and a few of her songs. The reason I started getting into SZA is the design I did of her earlier in the week. Originally, she was a subject that Cyborg suggested. I had known for a while who SZA was and even a few months back tried to create a design of her, but I was unsuccessful trying to find a great photo to use for reference. I guess the second time is the charm because I got pretty lucky this time around. With the references I found, I learned that SZA dyed her hair recently to an orange-red kind of color. Looking at her hair and how big it was, I instantly thought of one thing: Brave. The main character, Merida, had hair around that same color and size. Also, I created a design of Lily Cole with Merida as the inspiration. For this design of SZA, I kind of wanted to pay homage to that. Not really trying to duplicate it, but showing the connection between the two, especially with the element of orange-red hair. When I was starting out, I did have a few struggles with the background color. I wanted to make the blue meshed well with the photo I was using of SZA. It took a lot of time trying to get it right, but eventually I was happy with the final result. Since denim was an added element into this design, I was glad to have something similar in color to the background to bring out the color in her hair. I wanted to add in some triangles to take up that intensity a little bit. To me, they bring the design together and make it blend in well. After showing the design to Cy, he actually suggested for me to listen to SZA. Yes, he definitely put me on and I haven’t stopped listening to her since. This was such a fun design to work on, and I’m glad that I was able to gain a new musical interest from it.