This design is very special to me. A very long time ago, I created a design of the subject, Usher, back when I first started creating designs. Since then, I haven’t had the chance to use Usher again, mind you this was around 5 years ago. I was so excited to create something new and really see the comparison between the two projects. Cyborg is a huge fan of Usher so I wasn’t surprised when he gave me the idea of using him as a subject. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning when it came to finding the right photo for reference. I wanted something a little more recent rather than older. Though I grew up listening to Usher, I wanted this design to represent the now rather than give off nostalgia. I was able to find a great and versatile photo to work with. I originally wanted to do a subject design, but a watercolor ended up being the objective. I’m glad that I chose that technique because as I was creating the design, I got a big native feel from it. From the colors and the overall look, to the hat on his head, this was gold to me. When I look at the final result again, I just love how it all comes together. Thinking about tribes, the wilderness, and the Native way of life, I get a sense of togetherness and home. Such a big difference from the first design. I’m so proud of this project and how significant it is.

*I’ll be attaching the first Usher design to show you the transition from 2010 to now.

Usher Watercolor Design ("Native Homage")
Usher Design (2010)