Not many people may know how much of a fan I am of old movies. A lot of my favorites are from the 70s and 80s era. For this design, I couldn’t wait to channel my vintage interest. I got the idea from Cyborg to use actress, Pam Grier as my subject. Instantly I knew I wanted to embrace the days of the some of the movies she played in: Foxy Brown, Coffy, Black Mama White Mama, etc. A few of these inspired this design’s name, “Foxwell House.” This was perfect to be a watercolor. There was nothing else pictured in my mind. I was actually very excited to get into this design and create something amazing. My original idea was to use colors and give it this homage to African-American heritage, but I really wanted to make it fun, a little psychedelic, and vibrant. Pam Grier is beautiful to me in the afro. I get that tease of Black power, as well as natural beauty. I went with one of my favorite color schemes: Red, Purple, and Gold. I think I made a great choice just by looking at how well it all comes together. I’m so glad that I created this design. It shows beauty, wisdom, and if nothing else, strength.