Interesting title huh? Well, for this design, I can honestly say that I’ve pushed many limits and exceeded a lot of expectations about myself. I decided to follow suit with the Hooked on Comics series and use an actor from the show, Arrow, on the CW. Manu Bennett plays the character, “Slade”, who starts off as a good guy and becomes bad as time progresses. Since first seeing Manu on the show, I was so intrigued and loved his character. I’ve actually tried for a little while to create a design of him, back when I did the designs of Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes and Katie Cassidy. Unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards at the time and it was tough to find photo inspiration, but Cyborg, being the best friend in the world, suggested for me to try Manu on one of the subject lists he sent me. Though I had trouble in the past finding something, I tried it out and this time around I was much luckier. I couldn’t wait to get into the design and create something cool. This is by far the very first design where gravity visually, did not exist. Manu was placed in the air and I decided to work around that make the concept of the original photo come to life. I wanted to base the color scheme solely off of the picture and create this amazing illusion. It was fun for me to play around with different elements as well as make my inspiration come to life. Looking at the final result again, this design shows me and tells me a story that has made Manu become “the man that defied gravity”.