After creating the design of Mark Ronson, the feedback was so amazing and it inspired me to continue on with the element of typography and incorporating it into artwork. I’m not sure if it’s my best quality when it comes to artwork, but I’m so amazed at the start and I’m excited to keep on practicing. I chose to use a rock subject for this next design: Carly Simon. Though I actually don’t know a whole lot about this woman  and her music, I’m fond of one of her songs, “You’re So Vain.” I hear many people cover it musically or use a sample of the lyrics. I instantly got the idea to add lyrics from the song to the watercolor. To me, the set up for it was perfect, and also I thought it would be nice to have a design in a more feminine sense to show a difference between this one and that of Mark Ronson. I asked Cyborg if he had a favorite and though it was tough for him to decide, he chose Carly’s. I felt like that decision showed me that slowly I’m improving with this element of adding lyrics and giving typography a shot. My favorite part of this design is the colors. I get a very vintage and Autumn kind of feel. With Autumn being one of my favorite seasons, this couldn’t have gone better. I’m very proud of this design and how smooth and fun it looks.