I’m excited to announce that my close friend Cyborg has released his 3rd project, All My Tomorrows III: Coming of Rage. I had the amazing opportunity of being a part of the journey, from the live studio session, the writing process, as well as doing the cover artwork once again. I have to say that designing this cover was a little different of a process from Tantor and Meet the Johnsons covers. It took me a while to really decide on the direction that I wanted to go in for the artwork. Rage, which is the inspiration behind this sole project, is an element and emotion that I don’t deal with very often when it comes to the art I’ve done. It took weeks to come up with a good concept but it eventually came to me. I was inspired by the devil and demons and wanted to really bring that into the design. Every time I look at the cover now, I feel the rage. To me, it connects so well to the tracks on this project. Red and Black are also two of my favorite colors so that adds a bonus whenever I look at the cover as well. It was a lot of work but I’m very happy with the way everything came out. I usually add in a tracklist cover, but Cy and I both decided it wasn’t really needed, especially because he has the project on YouTube this time rather than Soundcloud. The project has six tracks (in order of playback): HER, Blackest Night, Fuck You (interlude), Fuck It (feat. Young Dane and E.Nigma), Varsity Red, Backlash ’02. Such an amazing project you. I have to hear it once or twice a day. Cyborg did such a great job and I’m so proud of him. I recommend this to any and everyone. Be sure you click on the video above so you can hear this project and feel that rage! Also, if you haven’t heard Meet the Johnsons or Tantor, I’ll add links to those projects below.


All My Tomorrows II: Meet the Johnsons
( https://m.soundcloud.com/cyborg-reload/sets/all-my-tomorrows-ii-meet-the )

All My Tomorrows: Tantor
( https://soundcloud.com/cyborg-reload/sets/all-my-tomorrows-tantor )