Recently, I’ve been listening to a new song called “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. I’ve heard it around all the time lately and have even seen some videos of people creating choreography to it. Slowly, I’ve gotten into the song and I absolutely love it. The title is pretty self explanatory. It’s fun, it has a funky kind of vibe to it and it’s catchy. The song gave me inspiration to create a watercolor design of Mark Ronson, since the song is actually his. I couldn’t wait to get started and create this amazing design I had in my head. I planned to make it the same setup like that of the Ariana Grande and Adrian Marcel designs, but in the middle of the design process, I got an interesting idea: trying to incorporate a typography element into the design. I see designs all of the time where typography plays a big part in artwork. Being a little experienced and having not used typography for a design ever, I thought that this would be an amazing start. I chose a fun and bold font and just decided to type in different parts of the lyrics from the song and have then warped and overlay the watercolor design. I had so much fun doing this. It definitely took a while to get it all together in colors that worked well with the design itself. The final product came out so well and I’m super proud of the risks that I took with this design. Definitely a new favorite !