Sunday night was a great experience with my creativity. I was able to create not just the watercolor of Adrian Marcel, but also a design of singer Demi Lovato. I was able to come across such a daring photo to use for reference when I created this design. Demi has a daring personally with her hair and her vibrant voice and I was so excited to create this design. The process reminds me a lot of the Rita Ora design with all of the playing around of evil elements as well as watching the design come alive. I decided to stick to the color schemes of the photo and Demi’s skin tones. To me, it makes the edit as a whole come together nice. I was able to dip into some of my favorite brushes and create this amazing night view, almost like Demi is a queen of the evil night. I like these projects that can give an amazing illusion of fantasy or anything unrealistic. It’s always been an enabler for my creative imagination. I’m such a fan of this design and I feel so amazing about it.