It’s been a while since I’ve designed a watercolor based on a big movie. Originally, my plan was to create a design of actor Al Pacino, another subject off of the list that Cyborg gave to me. I had in mind a simple watercolor design since Al Pacino is considering a vintage actor to me. As I was doing the research and looking for some great photos for inspiration, I started to thing a little more deeply into this potential design. I wanted the watercolor to be inspired by a big movie Al was in. I was between Scarface  and The Godfather, but ended up choosing Scarface because I know that movie a little bit better. I decided to use a red, black, grey, and white color scheme to compliment the movie poster as well as the VHS cover I always see. I was searching and searching for a photo of Al’s character in Scarface, “Tony Montana” and came across an amazing one. It was a candid from the film of him and the female lead character “Elvira Hancock”, played by Michelle Pfeiffer. I thought instantly of the Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder watercolor and chose to have this design really tell a story. It took quite some time to get everything right as well as come together nicely. I was trying to really make sure I fully grasped the concept of the Scarface movie: red to represent the blood, black for the crime, and just enough grey and watercolor material to blend it all together.