Yesterday was a very smooth sailing day for me. I was able to get out one design. Usually, my number is a bit higher than that when it comes to getting artwork done in a day. This new design surely took a lot out of me so I’m glad I chose to create just one. Well enough horsing around. Let’s get into it. I decided to go back to the subject list that Cyborg created for me. After creating the design of Margot Robbie, I wanted to go in a different direction. Cy is a big wrestling fan so he adds a lot of the athletes to the lists. It’s very seldom that I do designs of wrestlers or athletes because it’s so hard to find a photo to work off of. I ended up getting lucky and finding a photo to use as a resource, many actually. The subject for this design is Generation NXT member and WWE wrestler Finn Balor (real name Fergal Devitt). Cy had a huge trick up his sleeve with this subject because Finn’s gimmick is body paint. He showed me some pictures to see all of the different works of art and I was blown away! I knew immediately that this design would be something I would never forget. Originally, I wanted to just make it a simple subject design, but as time went on and I started adding more elements I decided to make it a tribute design like that of Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, The Flash, Gotham, etc. I wanted to have this design give off a grungy kind of feel, with a hit of intensity. I wanted it to look like it connects with everything that makes up Finn Balor. I had so much fun creating this design. Cy’s reaction meant a lot to me as well because I know how much he loves wrestling and it would’ve been disappointing if a wrestling fan like him didn’t receive the design. Needless to say, he loved it and that gave me a whole lot of confidence in the design. I can see how hard I worked on this and how crazy great it looks.