The thing that I enjoy most about the watercolors that I’ve been creating, is the amazing visuals that can come from such a simple photo. I decided to revisit a favorite subject of mine and also a great singer that I’ve grown to love, Tinashe. The Tinashe Rematch was one of my best designs and I created it as an upgrade from the very first design that I wasn’t as proud of. After making this design, I didn’t feel like I needed to use Tinashe again. However, now that I’ve crossed lines and broken barriers with watercolors, I wanted to give it a try and create one of her. I was able to work from a beautiful photo that accented her hair. I chose to use a very random and new kind of color scheme to represent the presence of new things, such as this design itself. I get a very exotic kind of tease looking at the final result again. A huge part of the process for me was the feedback. Tinashe herself noticed the design on instagram and gave it a like as well as many others. Probably some of the best feedback I’ve gotten on a design and I never thought it would go so far. My instincts have been working in my favor artistically and I’m just very excited and proud. I’m “3 on.”