Good morning from the #VVC Blog. It’s been a busy week with the art and I’m excited to showcase some new things. I’ll start off with the latest design from last week. I decided to revisit a subject that I worked on around this time last year. Having the Timehop app, which shows you posts and pictures from years back, has given me the motivation to recreate and see how much I’ve grown. The subject I chose to use for this particular design is Sevyn Streeter. If you remember, around a year ago, I created design of Sevyn. One of my bests to date called Paint Me Gold! . I think about this design so much up to this day. I’ve been so inspired by it that I wanted to used Sevyn again and create a completely different design. Cyborg was able to sit in as I created this one, which made it even better for me. I was able to have someone here to cheer me on as well as see the growth from then to now. I decided to use more of a colorful theme as opposed to the gold one in the previous design. The entire color scheme bounced off of the outfit that Sevyn was wearing in the photo I used. I get a very edgy and grungy tease from this design. Using the triangles was a great instinct because I see so much versatility. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to do as great as the first time, but I’m so proud of this design and how cool it came out. One has a classy feel and the other has a more casual vibe. They’re both so amazing I can’t rule which is better, but looking at the two designs, I can see where my growth is at and for that I’m thankful for the time that has passed and how much it has impacted my progression.