The inspiration just keeps coming and coming. After creating the designs of Anna Kendrick and Morgan James, I was inspired to create another design, totalling 3 in one day. When I’m able to create so many designs a day, it makes me not just feel accomplished as an artist, but I feel satisfied in knowing that my creativity has hit a high. The person that I chose to use was Justine Skye, a singer that I noticed on the Soul Train Awards about a month or so back. I think that she’s beautiful and thought it would be great to use her as a subject for this futuristic design I was cooking up in my mind. I was able to find a great photo for inspiration. It was very bare and simple which was gold for my imagination. I was able to manipulate the photo and bring so much animation and effects to it. I had a lot of trouble at first trying to decide what direction to go in for the design, but slowly I fed into a vortex kind of theme. I turned Justine into this robotic kind of monster, like a “Skyeborg” if you will, and made the design look like a layer or a vortex she was coming out of. The feedback for the design was so much more elevated than I thought, especially because it took a lot of time for me to grow into loving it. I had some reservations that it wouldn’t look as right, but a lot of viewers and even fellow artists have reassured me that its an amazing composition. I’m very pleased and proud of this one.