One day on the radio, I heard a song called, “Call My Name”, which was a remake of the song by Prince back around 2004 or so. I had no idea who sang it, but I thought it was a cool song. Things love to work so mysteriously because around a week or so after I heard the song, Chad (Cyborg) told me about a singer named Morgan James. I checked her out to find out that she’s the person who sings the song. I was so intrigued by her sound. I did a little bit of research to hear more of her stuff and she is truly very talented. As always, when I find myself connecting to an artist, it makes for a great opportunity to use them as a subject for a potential design. Morgan was no exception. I was able to come across a beautiful and simple black-and-white photograph. My original plan was to create a subject design, but I decided to test waters a little bit and try for a watercolor. This is also the first watercolor of the year I was creating so I wanted to do something different. I came across some amazing brushes and decided to try them out for this particular design. They give the design this craft kind of look. The color selection was pretty random. I played a lot with hues & saturations to get to a scheme I though would fit well and I’m very pleased with the final result. The design gives me an admirable kind of vibe, something like that of a shrine. I had so much fun creating this. It’s pretty cool to know that a design’s inspiration can come from something so simple like a radio listen in the car. I love how things work out sometimes.