Happy New year from me here on the Veezy Vibetime Creations blog. I’m excited to start off the new year with some great planning as well as some amazing designs. The holiday and week has been a little slow but I’m glad to be back and showcasing some new designs. Saturday, Cyborg and I went to the movies to see Into the Woods. Such a spontaneous decision, but I’m very glad we went to see it because it inspired me so much creatively. The singing was great, the plot was so intense, and I never took my eyes off the screen. Immediately, I couldn’t wait to find a subject from the movie and create an amazing design. I chose to go with one of the main characters, “Cinderella”, who was played by Anna Kendrick. I’ve loved Anna since I first saw her in Pitch Perfect. I’m a fan of her as an actress as well as a singer. I love her voice and how down to earth she is. As I started creating the design, I had a little trouble with the direction that I wanted to go in, but after letting go of a set plan, I knew something would come to me, so I just let my creativity come to me. Slowly, things started coming together. I not only wanted the design to bounce off of the photo, but I wanted it to really stand out. I wanted to try some new things also. I’ve been searching around for inspiration and ideas to add in to my designs. It worked very well for this particular design and I’m so in love with the final result. The colors are very bold and they stand out so well on top of Anna. Not bad for a start to this new year.