This has been an amazing year for the Veezy Vibetime Creations blog. I’m so glad to have shared with you all the amazing designs throughout this past year, as well as many new techniques, personal interests, and much more. I’ve been thinking lately about my start of 2014, when I created the first design of Lorde, which was also my first time using animals as an element in my designs. I was so excited to see where I would go with them. That first Lorde design was the start to something amazing. Creating many designs and trying so many things, I’m so thankful for my belief in myself to continue striving and creating. To pay homage to the Lorde design, I decided to end off the year with a new design of Lorde. I wanted to not only show the transition from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, but I thought it would be great to end how I started. For this design, I went a more simple route. I didn’t use the element of animals but I did try my best to make this design stand out. I recently compared this one to the first one and I see such a difference. That was the icing on the cake for me. I love how the white in this new design gives it a mature and soft kind of feel. It took a while to really play around and get the overall look right, but I ended up doing an amazing job. I get a futuristic feel when I see this. I sent the design to Cyborg and he just reassured me that the year has been great to my art and how much I’ve improved. I have to thank him also for being there each and ever step of the way. He’s truly my biggest supporter and I appreciate him. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey. I’m eager to see what 2015 has to bring for the Veezy Vibetime Creations blog. 2014, you’ve been amazing.