Lately, I spend a little more of my down time on YouTube, just looking for funny things and videos to watch. I’m a long-time viewer of Jerry Lavigne Jr. I’ve watched a lot of his RIP videos and now I watch his family channel, The Lavigne Life. I’ve watched since the very beginning, a few months after he had his first child, Jerry (J3). Since then, he’s had a second child, his daughter Jordan. Watching his babies grow has been a favorite part of mine watching the vlogs. They’re beautiful kids and when they laugh or smile it brightens up my day a little bit. For a while now, I’ve been back and forth on the idea for doing fan art for the channel. A couple days ago, I finally decided to act on an idea. I chose to create a watercolor design of both of the kids in one picture, but finding a good one to work with was very difficult and in the end, I just decided to do a design of the baby girl, Jordan. I was able to reference from a cute photo and just have fun with the design. Some colors that I see a lot when I think of a baby girl are pink and purple. I put some handsketch brushes to great use also and added them into the design to give it a super youthful look. The final result was something I was super happy and satisfied with. When I look at it and I see Jordan’s smile, it makes me smile as well. Also, her smile gives the artwork a positive touch. I’m so thankful that such a positive family has inspired an amazing design.