A couple of nights back, I hopped on to Netflix to watch a movie that Cyborg suggested to me, called Stitch: The Movie. Being a fan of Lilo and Stitch and never having seen this movie was a great reason to get into it. I realized at the end of it that it was a prelude to the series. I was so inspired by the movie that I wanted to do a watercolor inspired by the characters. Doing this would mean me taking a revisit to the Disneystalgia projects. I loved working on the watercolors inspired by Disney characters. Not only did they bring great feedback, but they were able to bring me back to my childhood. I was so excited to get back into that amazing process and feeling with this new design in mind. At first, my intentions were to surprise Cy. He’s been watching the show nonstop so I wanted to give him something special. In the end, I decided to fill him in and it gave me the extra push to do an amazing job and deliver. I have to say that this by far has been the hardest Disneystalgia I’ve worked on yet. I wanted to really show some improvement as well as make everything pop. The show bases around Hawaii and I wanted to add in some vibrant colors and pigments to make Stitch and Lilo come to life. I’m so proud of this project and also so happy that I was able to dip back into something that has brought me so much purpose and so much fun. I’m super excited to continue on with cartoon inspired watercolors and really just being myself and comfortable when I do these designs.