A few months back, I created a gold and black design (From Nicki to Nicki) of rapper Nicki Minaj. For a while now, I’ve been trying to redeem myself from the last design. I mean I was satisfied with it, but it didn’t wow me. The amount of feedback was also hard for me to really accept it. It is much better than that of the very first design of Nicki, but I wanted to  create  something better. Like that of Rihanna and JoJo, I love using Nicki Minaj as a reoccurring subject to have designs to compare as well as the motivation to try something new with a familiar face. For this design, the inspiration was based solely off of the outfit Nicki had on. I got so much tease from the Homage to Nefertiti design of Keri Hilson so I wanted to go in a bold direction. I wanted to use of vibrant and crazy colors to make Nicki stand out as much as possible. I had a whole lot of fun playing around with the elements in the design. My favorite thing would be the background. Its so grungy but meshes so well with everything and makes the design come together so well. I’m  very glad that I decided to challenge myself once again and create a great design to add to the timeline of using Nicki Minaj.