Today I decided to dip back into the list of subjects that Cyborg gave me to help me spark my creativity. The focus today was to do as many designs as I could. One that stands out to me is my subject design of singer Jessica Lowndes, done by me. This was the last design of the day that I created, but I absolutely love how great it came out, not to mention how quick it was. I chose to base the design around a racy but very simple photo of Jessica in a lace kind of dress. I had the idea in my head to make the design a little dark but very sexy and simple at the same time. It was amazing to not have to focus so much on a concept and to just be able to create something beautiful. One of my favorite elements in the design are definitely the colors. I love using browns, greys, and nudes as a color scheme because I can be simple and they come off super realistic. I had a lot of fun with this design and Cy is amazing for his suggestions and inputs. Another design executed very well.