Forgive me for not posting much. This has been a bit of a hard week for me. Luckily I’ve been able to really keep busy with artwork and keep a creative mindset. Due to the mood I’ve been in, which hasn’t been the best, Cyborg was there the entire time trying to cheer me up and keep me motivated to get work done when I couldn’t find it inside of myself. I’ve been working on different things most of the week, but today was the busiest day. I created 5 designs all  within a matter of a few hours. Guess you can say I was letting off some steam. The first design I did was of singer Keri Hilson. She is one of my favorite singers and I haven’t heard music from her in a while, which inspired me to use her as a subject. I used a not so traditional picture for inspiration. Keri was dressed up as Nefertiti, an Egyptian queen. I found it interesting because back when I was a Freshman in college, I wrote a term paper on the Bust of Nefertiti sculpture. Super nostalgic territory. I had a lot of fun creating this design. I’ve never really combined the colors before so the scheme alone is still something that I really like looking at. Overall, the design is so bold and powerful to me and I’m glad that I was able to create something beautiful with a beautiful subject.