As the week is coming to an end I’m glad that I’ve been able to gain a little bit of my inspiration back. I’ve been trying my best to come up with some new ideas to use into my designs. Today, I decided to design a watercolor with a subject that I’ve used recently, David Correy. After doing the first design, (Far from the X-Factor), I started to follow David on instagram and I’ve grown to like him not just musically, but I’m a huge fan of his look and versatility. I’ve had a few ideas to create this watercolor and I figured what better time than now to bring those ideas to life. I was able to find an amazing picture to use as inspiration and just do my thing. Mid-way of creating this,  I wanted to try something new and gice emphasis to an element from the original photo. I chose to use the lining from the sunglasses and the chains around his neck. The texture of both are a gold kind of gradient so I decided to create a color scheme around those shades and make the entire design look like hints of gold were added to it. I am so in love with how amazing the overall design looks and how different it comes off from many watercolors I’ve done. It looks great and im so glad I found the courage to try something new.