Aside from the cartoon inspired watercolors and the work of the 300th post, my close friend Cyborg and I have been working super hard with his upcoming project, All My Tomorrows II: Meet the Johnsons. The process has been very busy and challenging but I’m glad that we’ve been a little more united than any project we’ve worked on, which says so much about our growth. We’ve had many ideas on which direction to go for this cover but we never really saw eye to eye as far as artwork goes. Usually when I create album artwork I don’t listen to the music until after finishing, but since the order was switched, it was a lot of pressure getting a concept to stick. We got to take a step back, start from scratch and exchange ideas and came up with a great concept. I wanted to keep consistency from that of the Tantor project and include photos of him. They have significance to show his growth and his journey of being an artist. I turned them into a scrapbook kind of feel like in a family house. The tree (made of watercolors) represents the family. Cyborg’s last name is Johnson which inspired the name of the project and the focus is family. I thought a lot about houses and picture frames on walls and really wanted to have that feel inside the project. There’s a superhero complex to the art as well which explains the J in the ellipse. The tracklist cover was a bit more simple and easy. I had the same tree inside of a frame with the tracks embedded inside. The project was produced by Yung Fokus. I’ve heard already and I can’t wait for everyone to get familiar because this is real situations that Cyborg paints musically. November can’t come quick enough and I’m excited. I’m thankful once again for the chance to make a vision for Cy come to life.

Meet the Johnsons (front cover)
Meet the Johnsons (track list)